Despite its rise in popularity and accessibility in recent decades, plastic surgery is still primarily viewed through the lens of aesthetic enhancement, as a way to improve the appearance of imperfect features. However, cosmetic surgery is often performed for reconstructive purposes, helping to facilitate powerful physical and emotional transformations after a disfiguring illness or accident. For individuals who have gone through a life-changing illness or traumatic event and continue to bear visible physical reminders of that event, cosmetic reconstructive surgery can and should play a vital role in repairing both the physical and emotional scars left behind and offering those individuals a chance at a real recovery and a normal life. Unfortunately, for too many survivors, the secondary aesthetic surgeries they require are not covered by health insurance and are simply too expensive and out of reach, leaving them permanently scarred, both physically and emotionally, having already survived an event that would be, for so many of us, our worst nightmare.

The Healing Curve is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping survivors of cancer, trauma, or physical deformity obtain the secondary aesthetic reconstructive surgery required to enable them to restore their physical appearance, improve their emotional well-being, and complete their journey to a full and complete recovery. We seek to provide financial assistance and support to individuals requiring secondary aesthetic surgery because of a congenital defect, to reconstruct physical features marred by cancer treatment or traumatic injury, and to repair physical deformities caused by previous surgical attempts. For individuals who have “survived”, but are left feeling incomplete and self-conscious because of the visible reminders of their story, restoring their physical appearance can offer the chance at a full recovery of the body and the mind, as well as a chance at a normal, happy life.

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The Healing Curve was founded in 2008 by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie. As a Board Certified reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Motykie has always been dedicated to highlighting the importance of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery to individuals who have gone through a traumatic event, and used his appearance on the television program Dr. 90210 to demonstrate the joy and hope that plastic surgery can bring to cancer survivors. While the organization’s original mission was focused on providing breast reconstruction surgery to breast cancer survivors, the outpouring of support for Dr. Motykie’s efforts have demonstrated that the need for reconstructive surgery goes far beyond breast cancer. The Healing Curve is now dedicated to offering help to everyone who shares one common problem: a physical deformity and no means to correct it. We believe that it is not only possible, but absolutely necessary to give these individuals HOPE, support, and assistance to help them complete their journey to full physical and emotional recovery.


The Healing Curve, located in West Hollywood, is committed to helping individuals who have suffered a disfiguring life event get access to the state-of-the-art surgical techniques they need for a complete recovery. The Healing Curve is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing funding and support to individuals who do not have the financial means to undergo reconstructive surgery. The Healing Curve’s founder—Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie—has extensive experience helping people obtain the medical and aesthetic assistance they need, including researching the development of prosthetic limbs and studying at one of the nation’s premier burn and reconstructive hospitals. Focused originally on working with breast cancer survivors, The Healing Curve now seeks to offer cutting-edge reconstructive technologies to all who need it, ensuring that cancer survivors as well as victims of trauma erase the unwelcome physical reminders of the past and accentuate their natural beauty.

If you or someone you know has a physical deformity due to a birth defect, illness, traumatic event, or previous surgical experience, but cannot afford the reconstructive surgery required for complete physical and emotional recovery, contact us today to find out how The Healing Curve can help. We look forward to speaking with you today!