Most of us cannot imagine what it would be like to face the world bearing the disfiguring marks of a traumatic event or illness. Most of us cannot imagine how we would cope with the stares, the whispers, and the pity we would face if we had to interact with the world behind an appearance that no longer resembled our own. Most of us cannot imagine the anger, depression, and social isolation that we would most likely feel if we survived a deadly illness or injury, but had to live with a devastating alteration to our physical appearance. Unfortunately, for too many people who have lived through a cancer treatment, been involved in a traumatic accident, sustained an injury or burn, or been disfigured by a prior surgical attempt, these issues are all too real. These strong survivors face both physical and emotional challenges that the rest of us can only try to imagine.

Luckily, recent advances in medical and surgical technology offer hope that some of the challenges faced by these survivors can be overcome. Reconstructive surgery, sometimes called secondary aesthetic surgery, offers individuals who have been physically disfigured by an illness, injury, or birth defect, to correct many, if not all, of the visible scars and markers of their experience. Secondary aesthetic surgery, when performed by a skilled, knowledgeable reconstructive surgeon, has the ability to restore survivors’ natural beauty, facilitate their return to normalcy, and provide the opportunity to overcome many of the emotional challenges brought on by “looking different”. The Healing Curve, a non-profit organization in West Hollywood, California, believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to experience this type of positive, life-changing transformation, including (but not limited to):

Unfortunately, for too many people, secondary aesthetic surgery is a financial impossibility. Once the immediate medical concerns have been addressed or the disease eradicated, insurance companies deny additional reconstructive surgery on the grounds that it is simply “cosmetic”, meant to enhance the patient’s aesthetics rather than address a pressing health concern. The Healing Curve disagrees with this narrow-minded way of thinking. We believe that secondary aesthetic surgery is a critical part of the healing process, and that restoration of a “normal” appearance through eradication of the physical scars resulting from a trauma or illness is crucial to the success of the patient’s physical and emotional recovery. Our goal is to help those individuals find the financial and emotional support necessary to complete the final step in their healing process, and to improve their self-confidence by restoring their naturally beautiful pre-trauma appearance.


The Healing Curve is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping individuals who have suffered a disfiguring life event get access to the state-of-the-art reconstructive surgeries they will need for a complete emotional and physical recovery. Located in West Hollywood, California, The Healing Curve was founded by Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie with the mission to provide funding and support to individuals lacking the financial means to undergo reconstructive surgery. In addition to receiving specialized medical training at one of the world’s foremost cancer and burn reconstruction hospitals, Dr. Motykie has extensive experience performing complex reconstructive surgery procedures and has an impeccable reputation among patients, not only for his exceptional surgical results, but also for his compassionate bedside manner.

Although originally focused on performing reconstructive breast surgery for breast cancer survivors, The Healing Curve’s mission has now expanded to include the provision of cutting-edge reconstructive procedures to trauma victims, injured veterans, and survivors of all forms of cancer. If you have a physical deformity due to a birth defect, illness, traumatic event, or previous surgery, but cannot afford the reconstructive procedures you require for complete recovery, please contact us today to find out how The Healing Curve can help. We look forward to speaking with you, and to working with you on your restorative journey of self-transformation.