Reconstructive Surgery


When fighting a dreaded disease like breast cancer or skin cancer, the primary goal is defeating the disease by any means necessary. When someone has been involved in a life-threatening accident or fire, the first priority is saving that person’s life. When treating an individual who has suffered from a severe injury, the medical focus is on restoring the physical functionality of the victim’s body. For many victims of disease and trauma, however, the focus on the basic return to health ignores long-term physical and emotional side effects of the treatment process. At The Healing Curve in West Hollywood, California, we believe that “recovery” is not complete until physical scars have been removed and emotional scars healed.

Reconstructive surgery to reduce and even eliminate the potentially disfiguring side effects of illness and injury is a critical, and often overlooked, part of any full recovery, enabling victims to restore their appearance, their natural beauty, and their healthy outlook. Reconstructive surgeries require a talented, experienced, skilled surgical team and are extremely expensive. Unfortunately, they are often not covered by insurance because insurance companies, looking only at their bottom line, consider them to be “cosmetic” in nature and do not understand the deeply important role they play in returning a patient to full physical and emotional health. For individuals who have already racked up significant medical bills, these life-changing surgeries are simply out of reach.

The Healing Curve is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals find financial and emotional support to obtain the reconstructive surgery that will play a critical role in restoring their emotional as well as their physical health. In particular, we seek to help individuals find access to:

Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, The Healing Curve’s founder, believes that surviving a traumatic event should not have to mean sacrificing your appearance or your self-esteem. “These people have already been through so much, they deserve the best possible plastic surgery the world can offer.”


The Heading Curve, located in West Hollywood, California is a non-profit organization committed to helping victims of trauma, illness, or “botched” prior surgeries obtain access to state-of-the-art surgical reconstructive techniques that they cannot afford on their own. The Healing Curve’s founder—Dr. Gary Motykie—is a Board Certified plastic surgeon with years of experience performing cutting-edge surgical procedures, including revision surgeries to repair damage from prior surgical attempts, as well as significant medical training at one of the nation’s premier burn and reconstructive hospitals. The Healing Curve was originally founded to help breast cancer survivors, but has since expanded its mission to include all victims of disease or trauma, because everyone deserves a full recovery, a natural, beautiful appearance, and a happy, healthy life.

If you have suffered a disfiguring event or illness and believe that your life would benefit from reconstructive surgery but financial resources are a problem, or if you know someone in this situation, contact us today to find out how The Healing Curve can help. We look forward to speaking with you!